From the recording Darkness Comin' On

This song was written as a response to the Wall Street/banking crisis of 2008, but people ask me if it's aimed at the Trump administration.  I guess it could be.  Jon - lead vocal, electric guitar; Patti - harmonies; George Pratt - violin; Kim Jennings - piano; Jeff Root - bass; Tom Ruckey - drums; Leslie Bryant & Tom Hanlon - flutes.


Okay, I guess I get it, what's your next move?
And don't you try to pin the blame on me
It's clear to everybody else except you
You've only fooled yourself with your deceit

The sun is going down now, the light is almost gone
The temperature is falling, there's darkness comin' on
You cannot lie your way around this, this time
Your motivation's all too clear to see
You violated so many for so long
Now all of them just want to see you bleed
I can't help but wonder if you've ever given just one thought
To the damage in your wake, the sincerity you fake
I don't believe that anything will change you
I'd be amazed to learn you had a heart
The trail of tragedy you've left behind you
Illuminates the monster that you are
Words and Music © 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)