From the recording Here, Rattler, Here

Leadoff track from "Old School Moderne."  This is a song about snakes - of the two legged variety.  We've all encountered a few in our lives.  :-)  Rob Carlson - Amistar Resophonic Mandolin; Patti McAuliffe - snake rattle; harmony vocal; George Pratt - violin; Jeff Root - bass; Tom Ruckey - drums; Deke Rivers - tambourine; Jon - lead & harmony vocals; acoustic guitar.


Here, rattler, here    Here, rattler, here
Here, rattler, here    Here, here, rattler, here
(There's) snakes here in the city, in the country, too
They walk about on two legs, just like me and you
They're coiled and they're cunning, always set to strike
Even if you cut their head off, that severed head can bite
Never trust a viper, no matter what they say
They speak with forked tongue, they look on you as prey
You buddy up with serpents, you make a big mistake
He can shed his skin, but that reptile's still a snake
The snake beguiled Eve, that's how it all began
Eve beguiled Adam, Adam bought the ranch
They come on oh, so suddenly, they'll put you in a trance
Slithering and hissing until you are dispatched
Words and Music © 2013 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)