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  1. Right Now!

From the recording Right Now!

Technology's information highway moves at ever increasing speed with questionable benefit to humanity.  Simultaneously, nature moves at another, slower speed, but its pace is far deadlier.  Without some conscious realignment of these two forces, we're headed for a crash.  Rob Carlson - electric lead guitar; Jeff Root - bass; Tom Ruckey - drums; Patti McAuliffe - harmony vocals; Jon - lead & harmony vocals, electric & acoustic rhythm guitars.


Right Now!  Pedal to the metal and a tank fulla gas
Right Now!   Roarin' down the highway but it ain't gonna last
There's something up the road, waiting to explode
Right Now!
Get that sucker started, pop the clutch and drive
Wheelies, donuts, burnt out, good luck stayin' alive
Sick with white line fever, it's all we care about
Burnin' up the asphalt is all that matters now
No one heeds the warning until after the crash
No one thinks on what's been lost until it's smoke and ash
Right Now!  Lookin' to the future, disregardin' the past
Right Now!  Wrecked and runnin' riot like some iconoclast
What goes up must come down, what don't is sure to drown
Right Now!

Words and Music © 2013 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)