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  1. Southern Special

From the recording Southern Special

Trains.  Next to the highway, trains may be the most romantic symbol of America.  Patti McAuliffe - harmonies; Leo Egan - pedal steel guitar; Don Croad - drums; Seth Connelly - bass; Jon, lead vocal & acoustic guitar.


Southern Special, take me down the line
I’m leavin’ Mississippi underneath the pale moonlight
Southern Special, hear that engine whine
I’m gonna jump that train and leave my troubles behind
Well ya know My Baby Left Me, she slammed that door in my face
I gotta get across the border, got no time to waste
Southern Special, rollin’ through the rain
I’m standin’ here waitin’ just to ride your Mystery Train
Southern Special, take me to Tennessee
My luck will improve if I can just locate Marie
Southern Special, please have mercy on me
I got rolled in Louisiana, now I’m broke as a man can be
Well I hitchhiked from Detroit, all the way to Ville Platte
I gotta make Memphis by dawn, there ain’t no doubt about that
Southern Special, slow up as you go by
Say won’tcha do me a favor and let this po’ boy ride
Train I ride, 16 coaches long
Words & Music © 2010, 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)