From the recording Tear Down Every Wall

2011 Great American Song Contest Finalist in Folk/Americana category.  There's way too much division in America, and people trying very hard to increase that division.  We're all in this together, whether we realize that or not.  Seth Connelly - lead guitar, bass and percussion; Don Croad - drums; Robin Winter, Bern Wiemer & Jenny Jones - harmonies; Jon - lead vocal & acoustic guitar.


Well now if ya wanna dissipate the darkness 
Ya know ya got to shine your light
Tear down the walls that divide and separate us
And help the blind regain their sight
We got to tear down every wall, now children
Got to tear down every wall
We got to “ooooooooo” early in the mornin’
Got to tear down every wall
We got war among the Christians, Muslims and Jews
War between the straight and gay
Everybody talkin’ ‘bout peace and understanding
Somethin’s lost in translation ‘long the way
Now the left say the right’s mean spirited and cold
The right say the left’s unsound
Both sides are buildin’ up walls of separation
Got to tear these walls on down
Jesus met the woman at the well
He asked her for a drink o’ water
He didn’t care that she was a Samaritan
He laid the love o’ God on her
Now I don’t mean to sound religious
I know that turns some people off
But if you don’t resist the devil when he comes around
Ya know you’re surely gonna pay the cost
(Alt. Verse):  They occupied Main Street and Wall Street
They didn’t need violence or guns
Do the math and you will easily see
That 99 is more than 1
Everywhere greed and corruption
Everywhere some evil plan
The poor victimized by the rich and powerful
They think that we don’t understand
Words & Music © 2009 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)